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15 Things You Can Recycle From Your Bathroom

My husband and I do our best to recycle. We aren’t the best so we are always looking for areas for improvement! Our community offers single stream recycling so it is much easier for residents to participate in local environmental efforts. Any items with recycling codes from 1 – 7 gets the recycling nod.

Kitchen recycling is fairly obvious. Cans, paper towels rolls, newspapers, junk mail, shredded personal information – all are in our minds to recycle.

Recycling from the Bathroom is Another Story

Once the potential recyclables go into the bathroom wastebasket along with used Qtips, dental floss, kleenex, bandaids, and other personal care sundries that can remain nameless, the motivation to dip your hand into the can may significantly lessen.

In addition, one might tend to think this is just a bunch of small stuff, but in essence, it’s a whole bag of stuff that would get pounded into a garbage dump and sit and slowly biodegrade over the decades under a new golf course.

It can happen.

Within a week you can have a substantial pile of recyclables if you Recycle as You Go or have a separate recycling center set up in your bathroom.

One Week of Bathroom Items to Recycle


  1. One toilet tissue roll
  2. One empty tissue box
  3. An empty shampoo bottle
  4. Two medication/prescription bottles (check the recycling code)
  5. One empty plastic bag from cotton balls
  6. One dry cleaning bag
  7. A cardboard box from a foundation makeup purchase
  8. Several peel strips and plastic coverings from pantiliners (yes, you can recycle these!)
  9. One toothpaste box
  10. One Tube of Toothpaste
  11. A plastic contact solution bottle
  12. Empty can of shaving cream
  13. Empty tube of foundation makeup
  14. A plastic store bag used to line the wastebasket
  15. One Bandaid wrapper

But what about disposable razors? Earth911 has an excellent article on the current state of affairs of disposable razor recycling.

Happy Recycling!


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  1. If you want to recycle in the bathroom you will love the Solecan- Your single can recycling solution for bath, bed, and office! If you would like to see a Solecan at a store near you please like us on Facebook and spread the word to your friends/readers to do the same. We are trying hard to make recycling in the bathroom a lot easier. Happy recycling!

    • Thanks for sharing! This is a super idea! Recyle as you dispose!

  2. This is great. 1 in 5 people said they would recycle in the bathroom more if they had a better or more convenient recycling bins throughout the house. That’s a dismal number. The truth is, we forget to recycle in the bathroom because we don’t plan ahead. We don’t make it a focus. Johnson & Johnson has a new Care to Recycle Campaign aimed at increasing the number of people who recycle items in the bathroom just like the list Jessica outlined above.

    These things are going to waste and filling our landfills. Why not recycle? Are we really too lazy to separate trash from recyclables? I’m glad to see lists like this that are helping to educate. Many times when people are unsure, they just toss it in the trash.

  3. Great link Cheryl, and stats and tips for even more recycling in the bathroom!

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