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One Best Thing You Can Do For Your Annual Spring Cleaning

One Best Thing You Can Do For Your Annual Spring Cleaning

I’ve been both an SDA (Single Domestic Administrator!), and a PDA (Partnered Domestic Administrator). Over the course of the years, I think I have improved my financial and general home management skills. Thanks to my mom who was a family and consumer science teacher, I can cook, clean, iron, sew, can, and create an event plan. Thanks to my dad I can mow the lawn, lay bricks, save, and help my husband pull a shed across the yard. Later down the road, I learned how to balance my checkbook and evaluate my income and expenses. Through my career, I had a total compensation package that included all types of insurance benefits, and because I always worked in some aspect of healthcare, I truly learned the value of any type of insurance.

One thing I didn’t prepare for as an SDA was what would happen to my “estate”, and I use this term loosely, If I something were to happen to me or if I became incapacitated for some reason. Or worse, I died. When I was a younger adult, I never thought about how someone, probably a close family member or my parents, would know when the mortgage was due, utilities were to be paid, where the loan papers were, or the life insurance papers were stored.

When you are young you really don’t think about that a whole lot. At least I didn’t. When you are 50 and your friends are starting to die from cancer or other illnesses or tragedies, and both your parents die quickly, you think about it a lot. After settling my parents’ estate it became screamingly obvious to prepare for the worst. Even as a PDA I have found, and you may find this as well, one partner may do the most of the financial work or, even if duties are shared, partners may not have a system in place for sharing action steps.

I am thankful I never had a critical illness or accident when I was an SDA and my little household needed management while I was recovering. And fortunately, neither my spouse or I have been incapacitated – yet.

This week I am wrapping up the first annual review of our Domestic Administrator Portfolio – a combination of those important items I discussed in my previous blog. The process is always enlightening as I work with the mortgage company, utilities, insurance and various other companies associated with our domestic administration duties including online access and security and contact details. I did not realize exactly what elements were in my name and my husband’s name and how we had not successfully documented access in case of emergencies.

I have peace of mind now that should something happen, each of us or our appointed agent will know where things are and what to do.

Do you have peace of mind?

Want more peace of mind?

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Lisa Boesen, MAOM, is a Certified Master Coach and HR Professional. She enjoys working clients who want to work through barriers, improve resilience and approach opportunities with renewed energy and curiosity. To request more information or a free consultation, click here. 

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