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Costco’s Eat Smart Super 7 Salad Mix

Several years ago, my husband’s cardiologist strongly encouraged us to transition to a vegan diet. Honestly, as a home chef, I couldn’t fathom cooking a 100% vegan diet. So we opted to compromise by adding more vegetables and various types of vegetables in our diet. One way we quickly accomplished this taskwas with the Eat Smart Super 7 Salad Mix available at Costco. This salad mix is a cool, efficient and cost-effective way to get more veggies in your diet, especially cruciferous vegetables that researchers are studying in regards to cancer prevention. The Eat Smart Super 7 Salad Mix includes broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, chicory, and kale. The package also includes a package of dried cranberries and roasted pumpkin seeds rounding out the “Super 7”  and a separate package of poppyseed dressing.  I am not particularly fond of poppyseed dressing so we subbed with a quick olive oil vinaigrette. I generally just toss the package of poppyseed dressing that has quite a bit of fat in it. 

All I can say is “wow.” Regardless of your sustenance plan – regular, vegan, vegetarian, anti-cancer, Omega, Mediterranean or plant-based plans – this salad mix is a great, easy veggie option.

Here’s my first stir-fry – Shrimp Soybean Stir fry! 

Other potential options for the salad can include vegetable soups, burritos, spring rolls, tacos, and of course, variations on a theme of salads! Since I first wrote this blog in 2013, Eat Smart offers smaller bags of similar vegetable mixes with Asian, Southwest, beet, and other healthy options to help you get as many vegetables in as possible in one sitting. Enjoy!

Eat Smart Super 7 Salad Mix

Eat Smart’s Super Food!


Want more ways to use the recipe mix?

Click on the pic below to enjoy your 21 Day Supply of Sweet Kale Salad Mix Recipes for only 99 cents! 

recipe book


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  1. This is a really great bag salad. Has all the healthy veggies that might not be your favs in a stand alone dish But this adds cranberries & roasted pumpkin seeds along with poppy seed dressing. It keeps for days even after you add the dressing. It was becoming a staple in my healthy diet and now Costco has stopped carrying it. Found a smaller & pricier bag @ Harris Teeter but would like to see Costco bring this back

  2. Too much added sugar. This is very sad to take something healthy and add sugar dressing (second ingredient) and then take sweet cranberries and add sugar to the dried cranberrys. Watch the documentary Fed Up this is why we are fat we think we are eating healthy and then we see all the hidden sugar which goes straight to fat. I loved this salad now I know why. I’ll be making my own and using dried cranberrys from wholefoods without the added sugar.

    • I agree! Take something good and add sugar. So I just throw away the dressing and make a healthy alternative too!

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