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Are You Hurricane Ready?

Are You Hurricane Ready?

June 1st is the official start of the hurricane season. It’s been a couple years since we had a storm and yes, we can get complacent down here on the coast. NOAA predicts a very active hurricane season this year so I am working today on being hurricane ready.

I was reviewing ABC News Channel 13 Preparedness checklists for keeping safe, cool, fed and hydrated post storm.


Car tank filled with gas

Fire extinguisher

First aid supplies

Prescription medications

Sterno, charcoal, lighter fluid and matches or a lighter

Candles and matches

Flashlight, battery operated-radio and a two week supply of batteries

Bottled water, electrolyte drinks and cooler with gel packs

Hammer, nails, masking tape, plywood and plastic for quick home repairs

Clean up supplies – pails, mops, brooms, rake, tree or shrub trimming tools

Non-perishable food items, disposable eating utensils, plates, cups and a manual can opener

Protective clothing, rain gear, and sturdy shoes

Other suggested lists included important local phone numbers which made me think about all the important phone numbers I might need in regards to personal property, medical and insurance. For two weeks after Ike, we were the only ones on the street with power. Next time, we may not be so lucky. Our Domestic Administrator Portfolio would be one of the primary home management tools I would ensure is in a safe, protected place or we would take with us in case of an emergency.

The portfolio includes all important information we would need to access to manage the house, damage or otherwise including:

1) All healthcare insurance information, online access, medical history and associated accounts such as the health savings account and PCP electronic medical record

2) Personal property insurance and utility account and contact information

3) Financial information including bank account, credit card, credit union, business and asset list among other information

If we were stuck in a hotel or a family member’s home, I feel confident we could easily access important information in an emergency situation.

Need help with starting your own hurricane readiness document portfolio?

For Word Form-Filled, Excel and Other Options, click on the pic or visit my store on Etsy!






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