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Easy Oktoberfest Floral Decoration

Easy Oktoberfest Floral Decoration

My husband brews beer and we enjoy a new batch about every eight to ten weeks. We enjoy drinking but we really love sharing the final product. Home brewing makes for great parties, especially for St. Patrick’s Day and Oktoberfest.

This year, our Oktoberfest specialty beer is German Honey Wheat. Today, I am working on the Evite and thinking about decorations. This is our fifth year for this event and I want to do something special but affordable. We do hang flags and flag garlands, and this year I am working on a pretzel hanger like we saw in Czech beer halls in Prague but I do like flowers at our events. Although generally, Oktoberfest does not scream floral arrangements, something simple with a pop of color was in order last year.

Beer is everywhere but especially in Germany and the Czech Republic. As a bow to both of these countries in my heritage, last year I created this easy table decoration. The yellow and orange cosmos are from the garden and the flags I made out of internet flag images that I printed, cut out and hot glued together on toothpicks.

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