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Oktoberfest Party Instructions

Oktoberfest Party Instructions

We just wrapped up our 5th Annual Beer, Brats and ‘Shoes a.k.a. Oktoberfest celebration and thought I would share our party tips for your own event! Although the original Oktoberfest in Munich is over, there’s still time to celebrate your own fall beer and brats fall party – the Wurstfest in New Braunfels doesn’t start until November 1st! Below are some easy Oktoberfest Instructions!


  1. Beer brats are the traditional source of protein but we include a variety of other sausages including chicken and beef for our non-pork eating friends. Want to make your food labels? See below. If you really want to be authentic, add some roast duck and chicken – maybe next year!
  2. Pretzels – I made 4 dozen this year. I tested a couple of recipes and struggled with some recipes that happened to leave out important tips like how not to have your pretzels stick to parchment paper.
  3. Popcorn
  4. Beer – obviously lots of that! We brew our own but again, let your friends bring their favorite!
  5. Other beverages – Riesling, a nice Gewürztraminer, water with lemon, iced tea, soft drinks
  6. Pickles, pickles, pickles. German barrel pickles if you can find them but any good kosher, baby dills, garlic, sweet and spicy will do.
  7. If you are really feeling crafty, try making German bierocks or Csausageugage kolaches! These make super easy finger foods too with minimal clean up afterward!
  8. Sausages and super great German mustards!

Be kind to yourself and help your friends be even better friends by allowing them to bring appetizers, a potato salad, red cabbage or sauerkraut or a dessert. Most friends love to contribute to an event so don’t think you have to do it all yourself. This was one of my “lessons learned” from many parties we have given.


I try to avoid the store-bought Oktoberfest themed paper goods for decorating. They are good in a pinch but I think you can do better. This year we went with blue and white colors as the basic color theme and added in touches of red and yellow in the paper goods, table and garden decorating.

I tried to use what we had already like beer steins and beer coasters, ribbon, blue, white and yellow tablecloths and floral pics and mini flags from last year. I bought some flowers because, well, you know, any party is not a party without some floral in it. I pretty much put ribbons and bows on everything, including the harvest door hanger.

Lighting – We keep several strings of C9 size lights hanging from tree to tree across our patio. Most of the year we leave white and clear bulbs in place. When it’s party time, we change a few clear and white bulbs to color ones for some celebration appropriate bulbs.

Green  – St. Patrick’s Day

Blue  – Oktoberfest (or red and yellow!)

Red and Blue – Fourth of July or Bastille Day

Red and Green – Christmas or Cinco de Mayo

The color combos are endless!


Nametags – Encourage guest mingling by having name tags and including some tidbit of information that will initiate conversation throughout the event. This year we asked guests to name one cool find they have discovered thus far in Houston. We discovered everything from restaurants to chalk paint. One of our clever guests wrote on his nametag “this party!” as his cool find for 2013!

Music – Don’t forget about the polka music. Don’t have polka tunes?  click here for some 24/7 polkas!


Free downloads!

Party Food Labels

Template for Oktoberfest mini flags or garlands

Oktoberfest Name tag Instructions


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