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Tips to Manage Your Household After Severe Weather

Tips to Manage Your Household After Severe Weather

As residents living on the Gulf Coast, we finally exhale in December and then start breathing deeper in June when hurricane season begins.  Per the National Hurricane Center statistics, 40 percent of all U.S. and major hurricanes hit Florida. Eighty-three percent of category 4 or higher hurricane strikes have hit either Florida or Texas. So yes, in Texas, we are on our Ps and Qs in hurricane emergency preparedness and standby. This week is Severe Weather Preparedness Week across the nation. For coastal Texans, we don’t get tornadoes but we could get some wind sheers, maybe hail and of course, the ever-popular street and house flooding. In addition, there are also things to prepare for you to manage your household after severe weather.

Generally, during flooding in Houston, our houses or apartments stay intact. Once the water subsides, clean up begins. It’s not a fun process but things get wet and you have to get your house dried out for repairs. It can be a lengthy and stressful process.

Basic Tips

  1. Call insurance immediately
  2. Take pictures
  3. Don’t be afraid to use FEMA. Get on the list as soon as possible.
  4. Use gloves while removing items from your house.
  5. Remove the carpet and rugs but keep in the backyard for your adjustor.
  6. Cut away the drywall at least two feet above the water line and allow your walls to air dry.  Take pictures before cutting and document the measurements!
  7. Use fans to help dry out your home.
  8. Giant contractor bags or similar are heavy duty enough to handle big bulky items
  9. Be patient with trash pickup. It takes a while. It is what it is.
  10. Don’t put things in your front yard to dry. They will be gone in no time. It’s sad but drive by looting happens.

Other Home Emergency Preparedness Tips to Manage Your Household After Severe Weather

Have you thought about how to manage your household if you are displaced from your home? Do you have your Personal Emergency Preparedness Plan (PEP) in place?

Yes, we all have our phones and emails and much of our household management is done electronically these days. We get messages about bank balance, we can deposit checks on our phones and set up auto payments for utilities, mortgage, and revolving credit accounts. We can watch our emails for payments that have been made or are due. But,  in a crisis, either personal or natural disaster in nature, can you find:

All your mortgage, utility, and medical insurance in less than 15 minutes?

Your home and auto insurance information?

Lists of important contacts like your veterinary, volunteer or work contacts?

Passwords and IDs for your bank and other online accounts?

Your will, power of attorneys or other legal documents?

I honestly feel fairly confident if something happened, I could manage my house with the use of my domestic administrator portfolio. Although some of the documents are not in the binder itself, I have the contact information in the binder and on line, so if need be, I can make calls and manage my household, from the veterinary, volunteer groups, to lawn service. In an emergency, when my mind is not exactly thinking straight, I hope to feel secure knowing my documents and contact information are “at the ready.”


Need help with starting your own hurricane readiness document portfolio?

For Word Form-Filled, Excel and Other Options, click on the pic or visit my store on Etsy!


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