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Your 21 Day Supply of Sweet Kale Salad Mix Recipes

Your 21 Day Supply of Sweet Kale Salad Mix Recipes

I love the Super Seven Sweet Kale Vegetable Mix from Costco. Over the last several months, I have been compiling recipes using this salad mix. As I review my daily analytics, I see that many readers are downloading the recipes. So to make finding recipes quicker, I compiled all the recipes into one document. Yes, there is a small cost but I hope this will not deter anyone from downloading the recipes!

If you don’t have a Costco in your area, there are several other salad mixes in the store to edit and substitute to achieve a similar mix as the EstSmart blend of chicory, kale, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and broccoli. Taylor Farms and Dole have similar salads to which you need to add a touch of this greenery or a chop of that. Hopefully, these sweet kale salad mix recipes will help you think outside the box on what to do with a bag of kale plus veggies.

I can honestly say I am enjoying eating more vegetables, and it is much easier when I don’t have the prep work to do. It is also easier when there is a variety of recipes that touch on different cuisines that I enjoy on a regular basis and the vegetables can substitute for the base of a more common version a recipe.

Want more recipes using the cruciferous and sweet kale salad mixes on the market?

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