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How to Fix Runny Jam

How to Fix Runny Jam

So you’ve made a fabulous batch of vanilla bourbon peach jam with incredible Palisade peaches and your jam didn’t set!! What do you do?

It just happened to me yesterday and as you know, one never wastes a delicious Palisade peach in any form or fashion. After doing some brief research, it dawned on me jam is just a fruit candy that requires sugar, heat and patience. And of course pectin.

I should have realized the batch was not going to set when it made eight jars instead of six. Hmmm. Although most boxes of pectin include directions that involve minutes of your jam at a rolling boil, I believe I have learned my lesson to use a thermometer.

Nigella Lawson, among others, states that jam should set at 220 degrees. Thus, you must use a candy thermometer. In all my years of making jam, I have not used a thermometer, but from here on out, I will use it.  I boiled off over 16 ounces of water waiting on the corrected jam to reach 220 degrees and it took more than the box of pectin recommended. I live in altitude now and I’m sure that impacted this batch, although my batch from last week came out perfect. So, with that said, have thermometer, will be jamming.

How to Fix Runny Jam

1 tsp pectin per cup of jam

1/8 cup water

Pour out your jam into a large pot.

Dissolve the pectin in the water and stir into the jam.

Rewash your jars and bands.

Prepare new lids, your jars and bands as you normally would for canning.

Bring the pot of jam to a rolling boil. Continue to stir until your jam reaches 220 degrees. This make take 5-7 minutes or more. (If you have not used a thermometer before, you will notice your jam will become stickier, shinier and thicker as you reach 200-205. )

Remove the heat. Skim if needed. I didn’t have to.

The result? A wonderful, thick, but not too thick, vanilla bourbon peach jam.

Honestly, it doesn’t get much better this.



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