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Wife, stepmom, speaker and coach mastering the art of household management with an apron, spreadsheets and a smile!
Lisa is a Colorado-based lifestyle management coach and creator of The Domestic Administrator. As a wife, stepmom, remote caregiver and professional working from home, the title fit all those tasks and small projects she performs to manage the household, save money, improve efficiencies, reduce waste, navigate the healthcare system, garden, maintain a social calendar to improve longevity, nurture friends and family relationships and of course, make her home pretty. Sound familiar?

Lisa loves:

color coding chaos

Mother Teresa

Warren Buffet

Da Vinci

Her personal mantras are “In Moderato” and “Any more would be too much.”

For those who need a bit more on the professional side, Lisa has over 35 years in healthcare including  bedside care, clinical management, human resources and performance improvement. She holds a Masters in Organizational Management, is a Certified Master Coach, workshop facilitator and compassion fatigue specialist. Lisa loves healthcare and enjoy sharing her expertise with consumers and providers alike. As a student of compassion, she enjoys creating lifestyle management tips and tools as well as working with clients who want to improve personal management skills, navigate change, and build resiliency during the cycles of career and life events.
She shares her experiencing of caring for two parents at the end of life in her book Managing the End…to Bridge the Beginning”. She challenges all domestic administrators, both single and partnered, to put PEP in their life by using The Domestic Administrator Portfolio.

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