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Other Lives I’ve Led

Like many of us, I have been very fortunate to have had many different experiences and opportunities in my life, both personally and professionally. Some doors have closed, and I have leapt out of open windows (not literally!) to try new and different things. I feel these experiences and the usual and customary ups and downs of life, help me connect with clients, demonstrate empathy and ask questions to help them experience new events in their life and achieve success.

Some things you may not know about me above and beyond my professional bio.

Other Lives I’ve Led:

Started life over with a job, sewing machine, ironing board and help from a good friend

Caught a shark

Baked cookies and candy for extra money

Smocked baby dresses, made a wedding gown, maternity clothes, labcoats and scrubs in the early days of colored scrubs

Had my mountain top experience

Taught piano

Sang in an opera chorus

Had to rebuild a burned-out roof from the ceiling up

Been president of local and state professional organizations – five times

Self-published a book

Directed and produced a Human Resources video

Survived Tropical Storm Allison and managed the flood damage

Taught mindfulness techniques and color visualization

Was an antique dealer

Performed and interpreted VO2 max exercise studies

Gotten my finances under control on my own

Owned a farm and was a sharecropper

I am also a certified Reiki therapist, compassion fatigue specialist and MBTI practitioner

Life is good.

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