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We all have things we just “looooove.”This is my place to share my loves. Things I rave about and I want others to know about and hopefully try. Just as with relationships, these things make my life better, make me more efficient,  and make me a better person in some way. Just like my husband who is the supreme at making me a better me.


If I could hug a couple of pieces of Domestic Administration equipment, they would be:

iRobot Roomba Vacuum

I LOVE my series of Roombas I’ve had over the years. I love the 530 because each part is replaceable making it much easier to repair. Although, haven’t had to do that yet! My 530 is named Cartman. Got a name for yours?

NatureMill Composter 


Compost bin

This product and company are amazing. I’ve had this composter in my kitchen for years. Yes, in the kitchen pantry. No smells. OK, every once in a very blue moon when I don’t follow the instructions. The service NatureMill provides is unsurpassed. We overuse “awesome” but this little black box with a motor and styrofoam takes food and makes dirt for your garden. How AWESOME is that?


The Shmopp is the Shbang!!!

sh-mop, terry cloth mop, sh-mop washable terry cloth mop

Best mop ever! No squeezing! Wash the cover and go again! Covers lots of territory with no streaking! I LOVE THIS MOP!!!

CLICK HERE to get yours today!


Sift Clean Sifting Cat Liners

Never scoop again! I hate scooping cat litter and have found sifting liners for large cat boxes hard to find. Regardless if you have one cat or three, like me, try these very reasonably priced, sifting cat liners! Quick and easy and priced to buy!


Vegetarian Cookbook

This is one of the best Vegetarian Cookbooks I have tried. Really, who would have thought about making broth out of corn cobs? I love the Corn, Tomato and Basil Broth and so much more in this book!  A must try for the newbie vegetarian cook who doesn’t want to just steam vegetables and sprinkle lemon zest on top! Enjoy!


Bed Sheets

This are amazing! Like sleeping on whipped cream! They are soft and don’t pill when washed.

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