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How to Fix Runny Jam

Posted on Jul 27, 2016 in canning, Cooking Tips, Recipes | 0 comments

So you’ve made a fabulous batch of vanilla bourbon peach jam with...

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20 Ways to Save a Dollar

Posted on Apr 29, 2016 in Finance, Frugal Living, Household Management, personal finance | 0 comments

This time of year there are many tips and tools for the savvy consumer to...

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10 Ways to Survive as a Stepmom on Mother’s Day

Posted on Apr 27, 2016 in Parenting | 0 comments

I don’t know about you, but you if you are a stepmom like me who has not had...

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Roasted Grape Tomato and Sausage Pasta

Posted on Mar 2, 2016 in Food Management, Frugal Living, Recipes | 0 comments

Figuring out what to do with leftover vegetables that are not quite perfect...

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Pasilla-Tomato Mole Chili

Posted on Feb 22, 2016 in Recipes | 0 comments

My husband loves mole.  When I found the original recipe for a Pasilla-Tomato...

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Lenten Food Challenge 2016

Posted on Feb 18, 2016 in Food Management, Frugal Living, Share and Care | 0 comments

This will be the fourth year for our household to take up the Lenten Food...

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Lenten Food Challenge 2015

Posted on Feb 17, 2016 in Food Management, Frugal Living, Self-Development | 0 comments

Lent starts today, a traditional time of fasting and abstinence. It’s...

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