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Coaching Services

What is Coaching?

When we think of the word “coach”, many visions come to mind.  The term coach is derived from the Hungarian word “kosci” defining a 15th century horse-drawn vehicle for which we may now envision Cinderella’s pumpkin coach and four.  Along our path of human development in the 1830s, the word “coach” became slang for a student who “carried” another student through an exam. Perhaps this how the term “coach” began its tour of duty in the sports world as a person leading a team to victory by encouraging, motivating, teaching skills, training, developing and implementing strategy on the field. In brief, a coach is someone who helps to prepare another for success.

For the 21st century, coaching for personal or professional growth generally uses the Socratic method of guiding another person to draw conclusions, design solutions and create goals based on his/her needs, values and beliefs. Through this questioning method, assertive communication, active listening, encouraging and questioning, the client designs his or her own course of action. This appreciative approach of discerning what is working and what is not guides clients to:

  • Explore possibilities
  • Create solutions
  • Plan
  • Use the plan
  • Create intention
  • Move towards and forward
  • Act

Why use a coach?

The ROI on coaching can be as high as 570%. Coaching encourages doing, doing creates impact and impact should be measurable if at all possible. Even with intangible impacts such as relationship management and conflict resolution, the measure may be a reduction measure rather than an increase as well as anecdotal or objective in nature rather than subjective with hard data.

Coaching Services Offered:
Business Coaching

Career Coaching

Life Event Coaching

Personal Enhancement Coaching (finance, purpose, wellness, home management)



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