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Five Important Words to Learn in a High-Deductible Plan

Posted on Oct 25, 2014 in Medical Care, Money Management, Personal Medical Management | 0 comments

The five important words to learn in a high-deductible plan are “How Much Will This Cost?” Why? Because many current office...

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Can the Flu Shot Make You Sick?

Posted on Oct 14, 2014 in Healthy Living, Medical Care | 0 comments

Flu season starts soon. There are reminders at every pharmacy and clinic so John Q public should not have a problem getting the shot. We...

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Ten Steps to Manage Your Health Savings Account

Posted on Oct 1, 2013 in Health, Home Management, Household Management, Insurance, Medical Care, Money Management | 0 comments

The Domestic Administrator shares ten steps to manage your Health Saviings Account.

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Health Savings Account Tip – partial lump sum contribution

Posted on Oct 1, 2013 in Medical Care | 0 comments

Struggling with managing your HDHP? The Domestic Administrator recommends front-loading your HSA account to help pay out of pocket expenses during your first plan year quarter.

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